>> Take the BrainGAME

What would it be like to wake up everyday with a genuine sense of freedom; free from worries, anxieties and limiting circumstances?

Mastering the BrainGAME is a journey that you begin with a 10-week transformational group course. The changes you experience will be measurable and profound!

Mastering the BrainGAMEā„¢ is a must for anyone who truly desires mastery over their life experience. Whether you are challenged by a negative relationship, a difficult life situation, or a career that just can't seem to get off the ground the BrainGAMEā„¢ is your greatest ally!

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>> Work with a Mentor

Keep the momentum going with customized mindset and emotional intelligence support, receive additional tools and resources, and be held accountable to your personal and professional leadership mastery. Coaches can work with you before, during and after your BrainGAME journey.

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>> Teach the Course!

One of the #1 responses we receive from past students is, "How can I teach this course to my clients?"

The impact of this course is undeniable and we are always looking for leaders who want to take this message out into the world. We believe change is possible and it will, truly, take a village. We are currently seeking conscious leaders with a coaching, consulting, or healing background who have taken the BrainGAME to become advocates of this message. You can teach the program exclusively or integrate the program with your existing business (with some Brand caveats). If you feel pulled to impact the world in a big way and share the BrainGAME, we invite you to apply to be a BrainGAME facilitator.

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Creatrix of the BrainGAME

Meet Joy Kingsborough, founder and creatrix of Mastering the BrainGAME, a proprietary method for accelerated transformation that has helped hundreds transform their lives quickly and effectively.

After experiencing overwhelm, anxiety and depression in her corporate career Joy dedicated her life to finding a pathway to emotional freedom. At the height of her anxiety she found herself on the side of a busy highway, 9-months pregnant, experiencing a debilitating panic attack. Needing to be escorted off the highway by the police she knew in that moment that this was not the life she wanted for herself or her unborn son. Joy returned to school to finish her degree in psychology, attained multiple certifications in transformation coaching, immersed herself in meditative and mindfulness practices, and explored every non-medical approach available. The answer finally came during a meditation where she had a profound awakening experience.

The result of this awakening was a clear and direct path, with 6 specific steps (backed by science), that would bring personal freedom and release from unwanted mental patterns that were keeping her trapped. What she discovered was also a path to success - losing weight, healing relationships, financial freedom and purposeful fulfillment. She went from dreading her days to loving her life!

The process she uncovered has been delivered to more than 500 students over 6 years with astounding, predicable and repeatable results that are now taught by a select group of coaches around the world.

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Joy Kingsborough

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Debbie Chamberlain

Debbie Chamberlain, Life Coach

Joy! a thousand times over thank you so much for the Brain Game! I can't even begin to tell you how much my life has changed since starting the program. My initial thought was that I would pay for this and I would get minimal results. I have been with other coaches, and counselors, but I felt like I was left hanging by the end of the sessions and wondering if I would ever be able to truly live without being depressed all the time. Boy! was I wrong! Since Cindy gave me my blueprint and guidance from the Brain Game, I now have completely shifted my whole mindset, and have been able to recognize when my brain gets out of control. I use the tools that you have provided, I can shift back to my higher self. I still have one more week to go, but wow! and wow again! I now understand my blueprint and myself and now am I ready to bring my coaching business to a whole new level. Thank you so much for all that you do. Yes, I know I've done the work, but if it wasn't for you creating the Brain Game, I would have never been able to get over the hump.

Robyn Lyn Bernicot, Consultant

The brain game is a complete life changer. With the knowledge I have gained from the brain game I am confident in myself as I navigate through life. I am living my best life as my best self, which is only possible because of the emotional mastery I have learned. My anxiety has diminished and no longer holds me back and for that I will be forever thankful to Cindy and the Brain Game. Cindy is so supportive and really guides you through your emotional mastery journey. That is exactly what it is a emotional journey to find the true you.